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Welcome to Redemption. A new social media app and website where you can freely confess, apologize, regret or forgive… If you have ever felt the like you were the only one or if you feel the need to speak your mind, then let Redemption help you out… Make a post on one of our easy to use templates, read what others have written, like and comment and post to all your popular social media sites. Download Redemption soon… It will be available for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and all your Android smartphones and tablets… For now, check out our website at Crazy Caterpillar Productions







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By Kayla Elsey… I-I’m going crazy. I keep h-hearing the song of healing b-backwards over and o-over again. I-I-I might as w-well play the r-real song *takes out ocarina and plays the song of healing* AHHHHHHH!!!!!! *bursts into flames and dies*

Ben: You shouldn’t have done that.

Happy Mask Salesman: You have met with a terrible fate, haven’t you…….

|Links body was distorted – his body was cocked violently to the side where his posture was permanently disfigured. Links expression was dull, almost monotonous, he had an expression on his face that I didn’t recognize before, it’s was a blank look -as if he was dead|


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By Kayla Elsey… W-where’s the timer? W-where am I? A-all I remember w-was I called t-the giants, now I-Im here. I-it’s weird. L-little people with m-masks on are r-running around. I-I played there games a-and had to trade a-all of my s-side quest masks away. B-but I got a-another mask. I-it’s awesome. I-I become so p-powerful. E-everything will be o-okay. I-I just have to-AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


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By Kayla Elsey… Is this it? May this world really end? That poor band lost there guitarist. His spirit is now guiding me in a mask just like the dekus and gorons. I believe all the side masks I need are at my hand now. I bought that couple together, but…..there’s only 5 minutes left before the moon crashes on this town. No. No, no,no,no,no. I must rush to the clock tower and summon the giants. They will help. I must go for now, I will update soon. Good….bye for now. I hope.


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By Kayla Elsey… I’m scared. I’ve now have two of the powerful masks I need. The deku, and goron. Also a couple of others I picked up along the way. That mask salesman, he just creeps me out. That poor little goron lost his grandfather, and the deku butler lost his son. What could be next. Majora will pay. I will defeat him. I will become the hero again. Nothing will stop me. I will find my long lost friend with the help of new ones, and I will get back to hyrule safe and sound. My quest is almost over.


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My Experience on Clinton Road

Check out my article for Squidoo where i talk about my experience on the most haunted road in America. Leave a comment, subscribe to updates and follow all of our social media sites….

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Visit Walt Disney World

“For all who come to this happy place, Welcome.” This was Walt Disney’s original quote to all the great fans who first came to Disneyland in 1955 and from this day on, it still has the original meaning baked in from the time you show up till the time you go home. And even though Walt Disney never lived to see his dream of a vacation world come true, his legacy lives on through each and every cast member, guest, ride and attraction that you see in Walt Disney World.

Disney World is close to 30,000 acres, which is equivalent to roughly 64 square miles and bigger than Manhattan in New York City. There are still so many undeveloped acres of land that I personally don’t think will ever get developed. It was built perfectly so that you would never see anything that wasn’t Disney related while you were inside.

The vacation capital consists of 4 major theme parks. The original Magic Kingdom, which opened its doors in 1971, five years after Walt passed on. Its based upon Disneyland in California and has delighted guests for so many years. The 2nd park is Epcot Center, debuting in 1982. Its has a touch of the future along with some history and a flare for the world. The 3rd park opened in 1989 and was originally called Disney’s MGM Studios, but a few years ago changed its name to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You get a taste for Hollywood and what its like to be immersed in movies and television while riding rides and seeing shows. Disney’s 4th major theme park opened in 1998 called Animal Kingdom. The world of animals, dinosaurs and a touch of Asia and Africa are focused on what is the largest theme park in the Disney chain.

Rounding out the parks are 2 water parks. Blizzard Beach, which is based on a snowy mountainside in central Florida, debuting in 1994 and Typhoon Lagoon, a water park based on a hurricane town, opened in 1989.

The most fascinating thing about Disney World is there is no shortage of fun things to do. From its theme parks and water parks, there is still so much more to see. Disney’s Marketplace, And West side is your premiere shopping and dining destination. Built around a lake, there are many shops, restaurants and attractions to see and do while your still getting a taste of all the Disney magic. Disney’s Wide World of Sports is your one stop destination for anything sports related. Take on a baseball game, play some soccer or watch while tons of athletes from around the world come to compete.

If you love to chill out and spend time doing outdoor things, Disney offers so much recreational activities while you stay. From swimming, fishing, boating, parasailing, waterskiing, hiking, bike riding and more, there is something for everybody while your spend time away from the theme parks. If your a lover of golf, Disney World has 5 state of the art golf courses to challenge you each and every time you tee up.

If your going to come to Disney World, you better be staying on the resort itself. The amenities that are offered to Disney resort guests are so valuable you will never want to stay off resort again. From free transportation to early or late access to the theme parks, the resorts are the way to go, and Disney offers so many levels in terms of what you can afford. Disney’s deluxe resorts, like The Grand Floridian, Contemporary, Polynesian and Animal Kingdom Lodge, offer beautiful luxury stays with a Disney flare like no other. Disney’s Moderate Resorts, like the Caribbean Resort, Port Orleans or the Coronado Springs Resort, offer moderate prices with an upscale flare. Disney’s Value Resorts, like the all star resorts and Pop Century Resort, offer families on a budget the ability to afford a vacation and still have prime Disney appeal. And if you love the home away from home appeal, Disney offers many resorts that cater to you with villas featuring up to three bedrooms and kitchens to cook in. All in all, Disney offers many kinds of resorts for anybodies needs.

If you like to eat and shop, then Disney World is your place to go. World class chefs from around the world cook up some of the most amazing dishes you will ever eat. There is something for everyone, from seafood to American and Italian to Mexican. Epcot offers all kinds of flare as you travel around World Showcase and can eat at all the different countries, all within walking distance of each other. There are no shortage of restaurants, bakeries and snack stands that you will not be leaving hungry. And if you enjoy shopping, there are many shops to choose from ranging from luxurious to the simple.

As you can see, Walt Disney World has something for everyone. There’s no shortage of fun and exciting things to do and you can spend weeks here and still not do it all. And the best part, it never gets old. Walt’s legacy lives on in this vacation capital of the world and has characters and attention to detail are showcased in each and every ride, show, attraction, parade, restaurant, decoration and store. No matter what comes and goes, this world will always be here. And it all started with a mouse. Mickey Mouse that is. Every person should visit Walt Disney World at least one time in their life so they can truly feel what its like to step into the shoes of the greatest innovative creator this world has ever known. Live the Disney Dream. There is nothing else like it…



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My recent trip to Cedar Point Park and a small Review

I finally had a chance this past week to visit the so-called roller coaster capital of the world. From its insane lineup of roller coasters to the high amount of rides and attractions, Cedar Point Park does live up to its hype. Right from the beginning when you cross over Lake Erie, you can just see how gorgeous and perfect this park is. After you park, your are greeted with the new beauty of the park, Gate Keeper, an awesome and rather smooth wing coaster from B&M. A perfect addition to this park.

Besides its 17 roller coasters, which include the 300 ft Millennium Force, the 420 ft Top Thrill Dragster, the slick Maverick, and the classic Magnum XL-200, there are tons of smaller thrill and flat rides, an abundance of water rides and tons of games and attractions to keep you entertained and excited the entire day.

I went by myself and sat in the front seat of all the major roller coasters and they were perfect. I recommend this park to any thrill seeker looking to add a bunch of world class roller coasters to there resume. They spare no expense in putting in the perfect rides in the perfect spots and continuously adding the newest and best of what the industry has to offer.

The park is big so expect to do a lot of walking and can get very hot in the summer time. Make sure you get there early, especially on a hot weekend and ride Gatekeeper, Millennium Force, and Maverick first before the rest. These rides have the longest lines as do the water rides in the summer.

There are tons of restaurants and snack stands and they have many shops to buy any kind of theme park souvenirs. The churros are great. I recommend you try them.

Check this park out if you ever have a chance to make it to Ohio. Its one park that will give you everything when you get there. They haven’t gone the downward way and eliminated all the great smaller rides. Too many parks these days have done that. So make sure you visit Cedar Point and ride all its roller coasters and rides.

Check out for some great videos from this awesome park.






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Writer, Blogger looking for Work

My name is Eric Stankovitz and I run a small production company called Crazy Caterpillar Productions. We specialize in many different services including video and photo production and editing, app creation, theme parks, sports and writing. I have about 5 years of experience writing articles and papers for various websites and small companies. I can write fluently in a variety of topics including product description, sports, movies, music, travel, Disney, theme parks, and various opinion related issues. Please consider me for your next writing, blogging or research job…
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Sports Writer, Blogger and Researcher looking for work

My name is Eric Stankovitz and i run a small production company called Crazy Caterpillar Productions. We can edit and produce videos and photos and work extensively with ios and android app development. I have extensive knowledge and background in all areas of the sporting world. My expertise ranges from football and baseball to basketball and hockey. I know all about soccer, golf, tennis, wrestling, the olympics and much more. I have over 20 years of watching, learning, playing and researching all levels of sports from high school to pro levels. I can research, write, blog and talk all about sports and the players and teams involved. Please consider me for any job relating in sports, writing, blogging, research, data, entry and more.ImageImage

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